Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes, We Still are Doing Mommy School

Everyday we have Mommy School Hannah wants me to put on her Tu Tu that her cousin Allison made her for her 1 year old birthday. If you are interested in buying one check out her site. Swish Productions

Hannah is finally getting into story time. She is actually setting through an entire book. Today she sat through 3. Yeah!!!

Story Time

This is Hannah's letter K worksheet.

We made reindeer hats.

This week we have been working on the letter K and it's sound.

I know I have not posted much about Mommy School lately but we still have been doing it. I just have not been taking as many pictures because I haven't had as much time due to Caden's birthday party and Christmas. So after the first of the year I hope to get things back in order, blogging wise!

  • I still use our flip chart posters that you see on the easel. The work great for us. Our schedule is:
  • First, we say a prayer which it the Our Father. I can not believe it, we have been saying it for about 2 weeks and Caden can say the prayer. It is broken up but he knows it in order.
  • Then we do calendar time and weather time. I have a calendar to the left of the picture and the kids rotate between who puts the weather and calendar up.
  • After weather and calendar time we sing songs. We start with the days of the week on you tube.
  • We do a shaker song and then this month we have been doing Christmas songs. I pick the songs and then look them up on you tube so the kids can watch and sing the song.
  • Then we have our lessons. It is basically the theme that is for the week and then an art activity.
  • Next, is story time.
  • Snack time, and then the kids play outside or inside depending on the weather.

Please let me know if you have any detailed questions that I missed, I will be happy to answer them.



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