Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Fat Hen

Fall Sensory Tub: Colored hay, leaves and acorns
Object is to find the acorns.

Acorns: I got all the supplies from Michales

We added a little Physical Education to the game. I had the sensory box sitting by me and when I said, "On you mark get set, Go"! They would look for an acorn and then run to the other end of the living room and place the acorn in the container.

Caden looking for an acorn.

Then Hannah practiced her scooping and pouring skills with the acorns.

Making brown squares. First we colored the squares and then attempted to color the sticks, but no one wanted to color them. Then we talked about how a square has 4 sides and then we glued the sticks on the square.

Hannah's brown square.

Caden's brown square.



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