Monday, June 1, 2009

Bo's Curriculum

This week our lessons are based on the story One Duck Stuck.  In this picture Caden is doing the Shape Pokey.  We sang the Hokey Pokey song, but instead of using our body parts we used shapes.  It took him a little while to warm up.  I had to do it about 3 times and then he got interested.  
Name Match- I printed out the words of each shape.  I showed him the word and talked about the first letter of the word and then we would glue the word to the shape.
I forgot to print the Diamond word and so I wrote it on there so then Caden decided he wanted to write Diamond too.

Have I ever said how much I love, love, love The Itty-Bitty Bookworm Curriculum?  I love how easy it is to follow, majority of the time I have all the supplies, my son is always engaged, very affordable....the list goes on and on.  It is just so well put together.  Please check out their site and see if this curriculum is right for you...just try it and I promise you will fall in love.

My website My Family Life is also posted on their site if you would like to see some of the things we have completed with the Bailey's curriculum which is ages 18-36 months.  I currently just began using the Bo's curriculum ages  3-5 years old.  Love it!!!!!



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