Friday, May 8, 2009

Volleyball for exercise this week

So far exercising has been going pretty good this week.  Tuesday I got to play sand volleyball and had such a great time.  Plus Caden and my husband came out to watch me!

Me and my partner won our first two games and then the next two games we lost.  Main reason we lost was because I am totally out of shape.  I got pretty frustrated because I was so out of shape.  Defiantly got me a little pumped up to get my butt in gear.  

Wednesday I took the kids on a run.  Ya, with the double was pretty tough.  Needless to say I only ran for about 10 minutes and walked the rest of the way.  Plus the mosquitoes were pretty bad.  Me and the kids got bit a couple of times.  So next time I am going to try and use bounce...someone says that keeps the mosquitoes away.  

Yesterday I mowed the lawn...that is a good workout especially when the lawn is pretty high.  We skipped a week and boy do you pay for it.  So this week I hope to get in 4 days of workout since I have gotten 3 days in and it is not Sunday yet!      



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