Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today was a sick day for both of the kids.  They both have a cough and runny nose!  Yuk!  Yes we did just get over the stomach bug.  Boy am I tired!  

Caden is really good at puzzles.  I help him put the side pieces together and he does the middle of each of the puzzles all by himself.  It is so funny, one of Hannah's puzzles has 3 pieces and Caden says, "too easy".  One of the puzzles we used today I got online.  It's pretty cute!  It has cards that you  try and find what is on the picture.  Kind of like Where is Waldo, but a puzzle instead.

When Hannah "does puzzles" she just takes all the pieces out and puts them in her mouth!  She is very good at that!



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