Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grocery Game

This grocery week was a pretty good week.  I continued to save about the same because I still buy items that we like to eat on a regular basis even if they are not on sale.  You are supposed to buy certain items that are free or that are on sale and stock up on those items.  That doesn't really work for us because I have a picky eater that wants specific items, but I still save money. 
Coupon Savings:  11.50
Bonus coupon Savings:  2.50 
Kroger plus savings:  27.01
Total coupon savings:  41.01
Grocery balance:  138.63  

I also found some other ways that I can save a little more.  The Maynard Moment gives you all the deals from your favorite grocery store and gives you the coupon locations just like The Grocery Game, but it is FREE.  $5 Dinners gives you the deals for that week and tries to make each recipe or dinner for that night under $5.  I saw $5 Dinners on The Rachel Ray Show.  This website What's For Dinner? lays out a menu plan for each week.  I also realized I can double or even triple my coupons at my Krogers.  Why didn't I ask sooner...I will defiantly be doing that my next shopping trip.  



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