Monday, January 19, 2009

Many Activities Today

Today we have done a couple of things.  Caden did not have school today so I made sure he stayed pretty busy to keep him out of trouble.  First we played with play doe.  Then made stars with chalk on black paper.  After we made the star then we had a star cut out from  The reason we did a star activity is because we are currently reading The Big Picture Story Bible.  For our theme at church this year they are guiding us through reading the Bible.  They are doing the same with the kids.  Each week they have been getting a piece of paper that aligns with the bible and is also a puzzle piece.  

Today was such a pretty day we had to go outside.  Caden found his helmet and decided to put it on himself (backwards of course) cute!  We also played with some beans.  I put a couple of bowls and water out.  He loved it!!!



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